“For anyone with physical, emotional or learning issues, I heartily recommend Louise as a great therapist. She found and helped me with some anxiety, food and several physical problems that originated from deep-rooted issues/trauma from many years ago. It was surprising how easy she discovered these, where they lodged and how long ago by using a very simple method. Now I am more balanced, calmer and patient. Louise is also very welcoming and conducted our sessions with much care and empathy.” Paul M

“I think Louise’s in depth understanding of human emotions and how we function can help anybody going through a crisis. Personally, she’s helped me release a lot of bottled emotions and cut me off of very unhealthy relationships. Thanks Louise, it’s always a pleasure to come by. X” Gloria K

“I have been working with Louise Cook on Skype for some weeks now. As a therapist she is clear and concise and very professional. I was amazed at the depth of her knowledge and expertise in using The Body Code and frankly amazed at the issues we covered. I cannot recommend Louise highly enough, a special lady with very special skills, and I would recommend her to anyone.” Dee Parnell.

“I went to Louise because of the tremendous stress I had been under and wanted to get on top of things again. I had been to kinesology before but this experience was unlike the others. Louise was able to, very quickly, identify key stresses in my life as well as trapped emotions I wasn’t even aware I had and support me in overcoming these. Louise has also given me excellent strategies that I can easily include in my day-to-day life to manage stress. Also, her knowledge of food testing and effects of diet on the human body is excellent. I am most definitely glad that I contacted Louise and would unreservedly recommend her services. ” Elaine

“I went to Louise for my anxiety. She was very attentive about what I was looking for and helped me to start getting to the root of my problems. And the treatment was brilliant. She tested me for all kinds and I was amazed at what she found. The results have been fantastic. If you’re looking for kinesiology, contact Louise. You’ll be very happy you did. “   Adam